A Column of Fire

First night: 1 March 2019

Grand passions, great songs and intense drama from the very first beat. Høg · Aagaard · Svanekier were also the team behind smash hit The Pillars of the Earth … More

Strand Platter

Dine at the theatre before or after the show

Our chef curates a delicious Strand Platter for each production … More


First night: 17 August 2019

What came first, the swan or the egg? Ten iconic pieces of Danish design go on an international adventure, embodied by ten formidable dancers. This production will open in 2019 … More

Coffee Salon

20-21 January at 15/20

New special guests every time, always fresh coffee and hand-crafted chocolates! Welcome to all you coffee sisters out there – girlfriends, mums and daughters or indeed the entire female team! More

Guided tour and visit

A peek backstage

The history and architecture of the theatre building. A comprehensive introduction to Arne Jacobsen’s gem of the functional school … More


First night: 4 May 2019

Dance, hip-hop and flying acrobats in a magical fairy-tale universe. Flemming Quist Møller surrounded by brilliantly coloured insects, musical earworms and the world’s best mozzie … More