A Column of Fire

First night: 1 March 2019

English subtitles available – Grand passions, great songs and intense drama from the very first beat. Høg · Aagaard · Svanekier were also the team behind smash hit The Pillars of the Earth … More

Strand Platter

Dine at the theatre before or after the show

Our chef curates a delicious Strand Platter for each production … More


First night: 17 August 2019

Nonverbal – What came first, the swan or the egg? Ten iconic pieces of Danish design go on an international adventure, embodied by ten formidable dancers. This production will open in 2019 … More

Coffee Salon

24-25 April 20

New special guests every time, always fresh coffee and hand-crafted chocolates! Welcome to all you coffee sisters out there – girlfriends, mums and daughters or indeed the entire female team! More

Guided tour and visit

A peek backstage

The history and architecture of the theatre building. A comprehensive introduction to Arne Jacobsen’s gem of the functional school … More


First night: 4 May 2019

Dance, hip-hop and flying acrobats in a magical fairy-tale universe. Flemming Quist Møller surrounded by brilliantly coloured insects, musical earworms and the world’s best mozzie … More