Dear audience,

We are looking forward to welcome you at Bellevue Teatret. We take every needed precaution to meet restrictions in terms of e.g. social distancing.

We have reduced the number of available tickets for every event so that the audience can sit apart in the theatre. Please note that the ban of gatherings with more than 50 participants does not apply for cultural events for at seated audience.


Tickets will be sold in smaller groups in the auditorium. One booking is one group. There is at least one empty seat between you and others on the same row.

If you book online, the seats are only available in groups of two or three. If you need more seats in the same group, please contact Ticketmaster at +45 3848 1630 on weekdays 10-14.


For smaller shows with unnumbered seats at tables or on a podium onstage, we will take precautions to meet restrictions as well. You will be seated in your group (defined by your booking) when you arrive.


If possible, we will play without intermission to avoid lines at bars and toilets. We advise you to arrive early.

For certain shows, you may be able to buy refreshments beforehand which you can pick up at the theatre.

There will be hand sanitizer in the theatre.

If you are sick or have symptoms of covid-19, you should stay at home.


If a show is cancelled due to corona restrictions, your ticket will be refunded.