A Column of Fire

World premiere 1 March 2019

Bellevue Teatret has secured the world rights to transform Ken Follett’s latest bestseller into an epic musical.

A Column of Fire exists between the rival queens Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart and it ignites a religious feud and a game of power in 16th century England. Caught up amidst the strife is agent Ned Willard, who is also in the throes of a battle of his own – for love.

Grand passions, great songs and intense drama from the very first beat. Høg · Aagaard · Svanekier were also the team behind smash hit The Pillars of the Earth.

A Column of Fire will feature a great cast including Silke Biranell and Xenia Lach-Nielsen, nominated for a Reumert award as Singer of the Year.

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World premiere1 March 2019
CastSilke Biranell, Xenia Lach-Nielsen, Pernille Petersson, Monica Isa Andersen, Marie Mondrup, Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl, Christian Collenburg, Karsten Jansfort, Anders Gjesing, Kasper Dalsgaard, Søren Bech & Daniel Hansen
MusiciansConductor Oluf Ander, Ditte Fromseier & Dan Selchau
Based on the novel byKen Follett
Director Mads M. Nielsen
Dramatisation and music Lasse Aagaard
Dramatusation and bookThomas Høg & Sune Svanekier
Musical arrangementsNiels Bye Nielsen
Set DesignBenjamin la Cour
Costume DesignAstrid Lynge Ottosen & Karin Ørum