12 – 17 September 2019

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Just saw BLAM! One of the greatest, most exciting and brilliant shows I have ever seen
Ricky Gervais

– The Scotsman

75 minutes of gob-smacking high-voltage physical theatre mastery
– Edinburgh Evening News

Glorious movie-based mayhem
– The List

An eye-popping orgy of athletic physical impossibility
– The Independent

An adrenaline rush that blasts the nine-to-five blues into outer space. Go and see it – you’ll have a BLAM!
– Metro

Funny, wildly dangerous and irresistible
– Financial Times

Gobsmackingly brilliant, this is the best office party I have ever attended
– Daily Express

…a banging soundtrack, a pastiche of some of Hollywood’s most iconic action scenes and what has to be among the most spectacular sets in the history of the Fringe, and you have a show you will want to go back to again and again
– British Theatre Guide

Remarkable physical performances… set to be one of the tickets at this year’s Fringe
– Edinburgh Spotlight

Spectacular … a dazzling succession of exhilarating action sequences
– The Telegraph

Raucous piece of slapstick physical theatre
– The Times

– Time Out London

Sweat-soaked and adrenaline-pumped … immaculate … Wham, bam, thank you BLAM!
– Fest Magazine

sheer inventiveness, both physical and conceptual
– Informed Edinburgh

A crowd pleaser… physical skills are superb
The Guardian

Extraordinary… an hour of choreographed chaos
The Observer

BLAM! is the most audacious celebration of our make-believe fantasies
The Stage ‘Must See’

Jaw-dropping physical feats with flawlessly timed movements
Official London Theatre

Superb physical theatre performances, an awesome soundtrack, ingenious set design and the creative genius of Icelandic writer/director Kristjan Ingimarsson – you’ve got one hell of a show
New Zealand Herald

Blam! is a hugely entertaining celebration of the power of imagination – and a reminder that you’re never too old to play
Metro Magazine Auckland

A party bomb of a show that detonates into an orgy of insanity
– Politiken

It’s WUSH! It’s HA! It’s WOW!

After having laughed non-stop for more than an hour, I must recommend that you go see this!

BLAM! has what it takes to rank a show in the absolute top-class. BLAM! confirms how everyone once in a while can feel the need to break down the boundaries of their everyday rut, let their imagination run wild and be the invincible hero.
– KultuNaut

I have never before seen a performance like BLAM!. The wordless show puts a superior end to spoken theatre. Respect to Kristján Ingimarsson for creating a performance that does something more that what theatre usually does

BLAM! is bazooka-balm for the soul

BLAM! wins Danish Theatre Award Reumert 2012


To escape their tedious 9-to-5 jobs, four ingenious office workers invent BLAM! – an imaginary game where ordinary life is put through the shredder. In this hilarious and explosive show, the everyday workplace is transformed into a world populated by aliens, superheroes and classic blockbuster movie villains. With neck-breaking stunts, breathtaking physical feats, exhilarating parkour and heaps of attitude, BLAM! takes you on an extraordinary riotous adventure.

The Kristján Ingimarsson Company (formerly Neander Theater) is a physical theatre company that has toured worldwide under the artistic direction of critically acclaimed performer and director Kristján Ingimarsson. Characteristic of Kristján Ingimarsson Company’s productions is their almost limitless physical expression along with endless curiosity.

This smash-hit has been drawing packed houses and standing ovations from delighted crowds globally since its premiere in 2012. As well as 2 sell out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, BLAM has performed widely throughout Europe, London, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, and South America. BLAM! mixes comedy, narrative theatre, acrobatics and daring physical stunts. A wordless performance, it offers an imaginative, action-packed and highly entertaining experience, taking physical theatre to new heights of innovation appealing to audiences worldwide.

When12 – 17 September 2019
Duration70 blam minutes
DKK 275 / Under 25 yrs DKK 90