Danish Design

First Night: 17 August 2019

What came first, the swan or the egg? The idea or the shape? Danish design with its simple, clear lines is celebrated all over the world.

Danish Design means Arne Jacobsen. But it’s just as much herring on Denmark’s favourite china, candlelight, bicycles, “hygge”, Hans Christian Andersen, Nordic cuisine, LEGOs, windmills and you and me.

DANISH DESIGN – a dance adventure featuring ten iconic pieces of Danish design go on an international adventure, embodied by formidable dancers with Alban Lendorf. A non-verbal, visual dance show, staged right here at Arne Jacobsen’s lovely iconic Bellevue Teater.

First Night17 August 2019
StarringAlban Lendorf and others
DirectorRené Vinther
SetsBenjamin la Cour
MusicJesper Mechlenburg & Mike Sheridan
TicketsKr. 295-485
Duration45 minutes. No interval