Dine at the Theatre

Strand Platter

Dine at the theatre before or after the show. Enjoy a Strand Platter from Den Gule Cottage.

On sunny days, you can bring the Strand Platter to our tables on the beach.

Peter, our chef, has curated a delicious Strand platter with two courses:

  • Tender, tasty, cold-smoked Greenland halibut with citrus and truffle aioli, pickled white beech mushrooms and woodland herbs
  • A rillette of hot-smoked Bornholm salmon in a mild smoked cheese cream, caper blossoms, Danish onion preserve and countryside herbs

To accompany, Peter bakes his own sourdough bread, suing walnuts, malt, and honey, and organic butter with artisanal salt.

DKK 160

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